What to expect

About Us


The Bridger Seventh-day Adventist Church is a country church who cares deeply for people. Even though this congregation has been serving the Bridger community for many years, we are passionate about being more relevant and reaching more people for Christ.

Whether you're new to Bridger, or you've been looking for a new experience when it comes to church, we would love to have you join us this Saturday!

Sometimes when looking for a new church, you have questions, so here is what you can expect when visiting the Bridger Seventh-day Adventist Church.​

What should I wear?

One of the most often asked questions from people who are new to church is, “What should I wear?” When you make your way to our church this week, you will find that our dress includes everything from suits and dresses to business casual to jeans. Please don't worry about what you are wearing, because it will not matter to us.

Where you located?

We are located at 402 South 2nd and Pryor Avenue, in Bridger.

What time should I get there?

Our main worship service starts at 10:45 on Saturday mornings. We also have Bible Study classes for all ages from 9:30-10:45 every Saturday morning.

How long is the worship service?

We usually finish worship at 12 noon, but it can vary depending on who's speaking

Should I plan to stay for lunch?

Yes! We have potluck every third week after the service. If you would like to bring something, you are more than welcome to, but it is not expected of you as you are our guest!

Is there anything for my kids?

Absolutely! We have Bible classes for toddlers to teenagers. Everything is geared for their age group. We also have something called Adventurers and Pathfinders, which is a christian based cub scouts club for kids.